Sfm isSunrise Factory a progressive Western Australian company with an inspiring story of hard work and dedication. The family run business began as a small workshop in 1987 and now supplies hardwood furniture to boutique stores across Australia. The company was founded by Am & Ky whose dedication to quality and service has delivered countless pieces for many satisfied West Australians. The furniture is made from Jarrah and Marri, which is hand selected, sanded, assembled and polished in our workshop in Western Australia.  Our workshop is operated by a loyal, dedicated and passionate team who take pride in every piece that they create.

The company moved to a new, purpose built premises in 2005 and has developed new production techniques that enable it to push the envelope in design with a strong focus on sustainability. The contemporary Estilò Australia brand, manufactured by Sfm, has a focus on cutting edge design and each products environmental footprint. Estilò has an absolute commitment to sustainability and the use of specialised wood working techniques to extend our natural timber resource.

The company has been the winner of the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (FIAA) national and state furniture awards that pay tribute to the design focus of Estilò Australia. Sfm is now a local industry leader in design and sustainability and works in collaboration with leading designers and industrial engineers to develop sustainable and innovative uses of our limited natural resource. We fiercely protect our precious timber resource and make sure that the timber remains in Australia to be valued added here by West Australian craftsmen. Our ethos of progressive evolution means that others can only imitate where Sfm and Estilò innovate.